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MYC Recent Activity

The Madras Youth Choir was invited by the TVS Academy, Hosur, to conduct a workshop on Indian Choral Music, on 15th and 16th of July, 2011. About fifty-five children from the TVS Academy, Hosur, TVSA, Thiruvannamalai as well as from five Government Schools around Hosur, participated in this workshop. There were also about six teachers who formed part of the learning group.

The Workshop was inaugurated on 15th July, by the Headmistress of a Government School in Hosur. The Secretary of Madras Youth Choir then addressed the children and the teachers on the nuances of Indian choral singing and the effects and benefits of singing together in a group. They were also familiarized with the conducting methods of the Instructors, so that they correctly follow the cue and sing accordingly.

Subsequently, the Instructors of Madras Youth Choir commenced teaching the choral pieces. On 15th and 16th July the group was taught seven songs in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Hindi, which included pieces with melody, chords and counterpoint techniques.

As a culmination of the workshop, on 17th July morning the children performed for their parents, teachers and invited guests, all the choral pieces that were taught to them during the workshop. They sang one piece along with the Madras Youth Choir.

Their performance was followed by an hour-long programme of the Madras Youth Choir which presented a multilingual concert of Indian choral pieces from their repertoire.

The presentation by the children as well as MYC was received with tremendous, appreciative response from the audience, the school children and the organizers. MYC had to reluctantly depart leaving behind a very impressed and inspired crowd of people who ardently pledged to take this movement of Indian choral singing forward by organizing more such workshops and also creating a children's choral group not only in TVSA, but also among the government schools that had participated.

The hospitality extended by the Principal as well as all the staff members of TVSA, Hosur was overwhelming. Their enthusiasm and cooperation contributed to the success of the workshop as well as the final day performances.

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