M B Sreenivasan
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His music is his signature...
  • A signature adored by music lovers and movie lovers of his generation
  • A signature coveted by discerning film-makers in the parallel cinema
  • A signature that unobtrusively enriched the lyrics of the finest poets of his time

Truly, Manamadurai Balakrishnan Srinivasan (MBS for short) was one of the most outstanding personalities of the golden era of Malayalam film songs.

MBS (1925 - 1988) is no more, no more in person with us. The next generation of music lovers may not know who MBS was and what MBS meant to Malayalam music. Yet, the MBS signature, that his music was, will long be remembered by anyone who experienced it at least once.

This is our humble tribute to the maestro. We sincerely hope you will find here all that is worth knowing about MBS. We will continue our effort to build on this beginning, with inputs and suggestions from the more fortunate people having first hand knowledge about MBS.

We, a group of strangers who haven't met each other even once in person, are part of the Orkut community for MBS. We would be glad to have you as an esteemed member of our community, if you are inclined to join us.

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