M B Sreenivasan
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M.B.S.Youth Choir


M.B.S.Youth Choir is a voluntary organization which has been upholding the ideas of National Integration, Communal Harmony, World Peace, Environmental Protection and Love through the language of Music. It is a secular and democratic group of young boys and girls who are bound by the power and strength of music. The Choir could achieve a clear significance on the cultural zone of Kerala for the last 21 years. The songs, sung by M.B.S.Youth Choir, combine the rich resource of Indian classical and folk music with the harmonic convention of Western Choral Music. Most of its songs are composed by the great music composer late M.B.Srinivasan who belonged to the class of applied music and mass singing.


All music lovers in South India can easily identify the three letter word M.B.S. without any preface. Though M.B.S. worked with South Indian film industry, he always extended his musical and cultural activities beyond the tinsel world. It was he who began ‘Community Singing Movement’ with the belief that great ideas and visions can easily communicate to the common people through medium of music. Hence he formed music groups singing National Integration songs in all over the country.

In 1987, the University of Kerala inclined to form such a music group under the University Union. Also some other universities in Kerala showed the similar interest. All such ventures were led and conducted by the great Music Director M.B.Srinivasan.

After the accidental death of M.B.S. on 9th March, 1988 in Kadamat Island, Lakshadweep during the NCERT workshop, his friends and disciples from various universities in Kerala assembled in Trivandrum and put forward the proposal of M.B.S.Youth Choir in order to spread over the idea of Indian Choral Music Movement which was begun by him. All of the cultural icons of Kerala particularly Adoor Gopalakrishnan, O.N.V.Kuruppu, P.Bhaskaran, S.Sharma (Sharmaji) etc promised all kind of help to this new organization. Sharmaji himself assumed the patronship of the Choir and arranged all facilities in Lenin Balawati, Vazhuthacadu, Trivandrum for its musical and social activities. That was the beginning of M.B.S.Youth Choir. As directed by Sahida Srinivasan, wife of M.B.S., the Choir was trained by Smt.Malathy, Latha, Prema Subramanyam and Paramasivam, members cum teachers of Madras Youth Choir. M.B.S.Youth Choir was officially inaugurated by Sahida Srinivasan on 7th August, 1988 at the University Senate Hall, Trivandrum.

Mass Singing Programme-Coimbatore

M.B.S.Youth Choir was assigned jointly with Madras Youth Choir to lead the ‘All School Choir Concert’ organized by ‘PERKS School’ in 17th September, 1990 at Coimbatore. Thousands of children selected from different schools in Coimbatore were trained to sing National Integration Songs of different Indian languages by MBSYC and MYC., and the children made this event ‘Mass Singing’ memorable by presenting these songs with power and passion. This was the glittering start and one of highlights so far of M.B.S.Youth Choir. After the tremendous event MBSYC could organize the similar programme in Trivandrum by training hundreds of school children as part of the inaugural ceremony of ‘Baala Chalachithramela’ on 14th November,1991.

Concert for National Integration

On 11thJune, 1994, Mr.K.Jayakumar IAS, Director of Culture, Govt of Kerala, inaugurated the programme ‘Concert for National Integration’ organized by us in order to encourage the young talents in classical music. We were conducting this programme in all second Saturdays introducing new and young talent in our premises. We could provide a stage for a lot of gifted artists through the remarkable programme. This proud movement brought us a great deal of appreciation from all directions.

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